The general approach of the IXMI project is called Rouages.

Rouages is a mixed-reality 3D visualization system that reveals the mechanisms of digital musical instrument by:

  • amplifying musicians gestures with virtual sensors extensions
  • representing the behaviour of sound processes that compose the instrument
  • showing the impact of musicians' gestures on sound processes with dynamic virtual links

The idea is that musicians shouldn't have to modify their instruments to help spectators by making them more transparent, as they often benefit from a more complex and detailed interface than what the audience needs and have spent time practicing it. Rouages simply adds the correct amount of informations on the audience side to improve their perception of electronic musicians' engagement in the performances.

In Collaboration with

  • Martin Hachet , INRIA Potioc
  • Sriram Subramanian and Mark Marshall, Bristol Interaction and Graphics

Images, Sounds and Videos available under the Free Art License
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